What Our Elders Live to Teach Us

What Our Elders Live to Teach Us

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We tend to take old or older people for granted. We always feel as if we know everything there is to know at certain points in our lives.

We walk around feeling like the older generations could learn a thing or two from us, but it’s actually a two-way street. We could stand to learn a few things from their traditional ways. Sometimes it’s still better done the way they used to do it.

Younger people, especially millennials, feel entitled to a lot of things. They also think radically different about certain issues and values.

If we give the older generation a chance to give us a few tips that will really help us along the way, life could be so much better.

Here are a few things our elders live to teach us:

#1.Work never ends, moments do.

We hear it often enough, but unfortunately few of us put it in practice. We feel like we’re better parents, better partners, when we are able to provide more than enough for our loved ones.

We feel better about our lives, our accomplishments when we get to buy extravagant luxuries and experience life on a higher level than the average worker.

Yes, these are things to be proud of, to strive for, but never in exchange for quality time spent with the same people you’re trying to provide these luxuries for.

If it takes you away from building strong relationships with the people who matter most, it’s not worth it.

Stop glorifying busy and aim for productivity instead. Truth be told, the more free time you have to spend with your family and friends after all the work has been turned over, the more efficient of a worker you really are.

It’s not about how long you spend working, it’s just how well you work for each aspect of your life to come together harmoniously.

#2. Build your confidence

Confidence is gold. It is the currency that never loses its value and makes it possible to deal with any type of person and situation that comes into your life.

It is something you need to be able to function well no matter what role you’re playing–a parent, an employee, a boss, a student. If you have it, you’re untouchable.

When you are sure of yourself, when you believe that what you have is valuable (talents, skills, character), it is easier to sell yourself to clients, to people, for them to believe the same things you believe.

It will be easier for you to feel good about yourself and how you live your life. Confidence gets you ahead of the game.

#3. Help people

Kindness is something that multiplies the more you give it away. Helping other people in any capacity you can gives a satisfaction that you can’t find elsewhere.

It gives you the opportunity to share your blessings, to make others feel better about their lives no matter how bad their situation is, and at the same time, it helps you feel better about yours as well. It’s a healthy way to boost happiness levels all around.

#4. Set high expectations

There are opposing cliches about this one, but most people think setting high expectations is a good thing. Setting high expectations for others is sometimes said to be a bad thing because you shouldn’t expect anything and just be thankful for what they can give you. But you can also choose to look at it a different way.

Expecting something of someone means that you see them in that capacity. If you set a high bar for them that only means you see them as someone who can reach it or is actually already up there. Of course, this also sets you up for disappointment, but what in life doesn’t?

Setting high expectations for yourself is also something you should do. It will help motivate you to keep reaching your full potential. Striving to be the best version of yourself will also open up a lot of opportunities you wouldn’t have if you stayed in your comfort zone.

#5. Look for role models

As much as we would like to think that we know everything, we don’t. We have a lot to learn and we’re lucky we have people in our lives who could serve as our mentors, as our role models.

It’s important that you have one to keep you on track. It’s not to copy what they do per se, but to apply the same principles that got them where they are to your own life. Role models are there for us to emulate. They have already lived through the choices they have made and we can either join them on that path or take the one they didn’t travel on.

Either way, they teach you something. They show you the way or they show you another way.

Nothing is for certain, but having someone in your life who has already crossed the bridge before you can be quite valuable.

#6. Find value in stillness

One of the things that’s being more and more undermined these days is the importance of being in the present. In this day and age, it’s become harder and harder to filter out the noise of daily life.

Our elders understand the benefit of setting aside these distractions and simply enjoying the moment. Having grown up in a time with less technology (and constant bombardment that comes along with it), they know when to tune that out and look inward.

So, we should all set aside some time for quiet reflection every now and then. This is also known as mindfulness, which is taking a step back and observing your breath and emotions without judgment.

Scientific research has shown there are a lot of benefits from doing this, ranging from lowered blood pressure to reduced symptoms related to depression.

As it is, meditation is the best way to enter this ideal state of mind.  If you’d like to give it a try I have 3 Meditation MP3 Audio Tracks that you can download and listen to right now.

Use them to quiet your thoughts and unplug for a short time.

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