7 Important and Lasting Gifts You Can Share To The World

Author of Manifestation Miracle

In some ancient cultures, “immortality” was actually more like being remembered, not exactly living forever. Today we still have the drive to leave a legacy—to build or create something lasting. Do you long to have something to pass onto people you love, something that can make an impact on the world?

Our lives are captured in photos on our phone, our Facebook posts, and maybe our blog. But do people remember those?

Many creative people want to give their families paintings, quilts, or sculpture, but you don’t have to be an artist. What are some other meaningful and lasting gifts you can share with your family and the world? Here are a few ideas.


A Family History

So many people talk about their interesting family history, from small everyday events to much larger ones like living through the Great Depression, World War II, or the 60s. Some people worry that it wouldn’t matter to anyone if they wrote it down in an actual book with photographs. Well, don’t you wish you had that?

If you have a history that you can compile, why not make a book? You can get help from freelancers for very affordable fees, and it’s actually free to use publishing sites like Lulu, Createspace, Kindle Direct Publishing, and much more.

And your family history is the story of more than your family. It captures a time period too, and shares how life once was. Many people like to read these even if it’s not their family.


A Family Cookbook

People love cookbooks! Just visit a local bookstore and check out how big the cookbook section is.

Even more special than a store-bought book, a family cookbook shares treasured recipes and even memories if you want to include those. You can pass down all the family recipes that people keep asking for.


Your Story or Expertise

Many people think of writing a memoir. You very well could have a unique story that can help other people. If a book sounds daunting, start with a blog. That way you can even get feedback as you go, and then you can compile your posts into a book.

If you lived through an important event in history, you have an obligation (in a way) to share that. News stories are supposed to be neutral, although we know they’re usually not, they don’t usually share an event through the eyes of someone there experiencing it. That gives you perspective and the room to expound on what the event means: how it changed your life and the lives of people you know.

You might also be an expert in an area, so you want to write a book, not a memoir. It’s all up to you, and what you want to share with the world.


A Business

Imagine starting your own business and then passing it down to your children! It makes me think of the corner bakery I went to as a child. It had been running by the same family for several generations and was a cornerstone to our small town.


An Invention

Do you have a great idea for a product? Maybe you can improve something that’s already out there. You would think in this day and age that all there wouldn’t be new inventions, but then suddenly there’s someone creating a tube that cleans water so people can drink out of a river. There are also new inventions to clean the ocean—like the floating machine that slowly sucks in the layer of trash on top of the water.

There are still all kinds of needs, and new needs all the time, so if you keep your eyes open you might see a way to help and change the world.


A Community Garden

Have a green thumb? Do you also like community and giving back? Imagine creating a community garden where people can come and plant things, work the land, and grow food. You can, of course, have a flower section or have an all flower park. There’s a big shared “open spaces” movement to create space in cities where people can come together and socialize.

Many people remember their town park as a special place. Creating a garden/park is a great opportunity to impact people.


Humanitarian Work

Imagine if you can provide a well for ten villages where they desperately need water or a school where there isn’t one. You can have a huge impact on people that way!


To think of something meaningful to share with the world, look at both your passions and what the world needs. Sometimes something small has a huge impact, so let your imagination run wild with ideas!

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