9 Ways To Live The Life You Deserve

Author of Manifestation Miracle

I have two friends who exemplify two different kinds of people. One created his own job as a tour guide and has groups pay him to go on adventure tours all across America. He basically is having people pay him to do what he enjoys the most.

The other friend has a job that pays pretty well, but he complains about it every day. It’s physically taxing, and he hates the “BS” at work, but he doesn’t think he can find another job that would pay as much.

The funny thing is, this second friend has a job where he deals with people all day. You have to be a people person to do well there. Why do I mention that? Because he also loves outdoor adventure. In theory, he could build his own adventure tour company too.

So what’s my point? There are a lot of people who want to have a different life, and even have some skills already that would help them make a change, but they’re afraid to do it. Or it would just take too much effort. They have responsibilities. You know the drill. You might be telling yourself the same things.

But what if you could have the life you deserve and dream about? Let me ask you a few questions about your life as it is.

Are you excited about your day and life when you wake up? Or do you dread going to work or facing your day?

Do you feel valued? What about fulfilled?

Be honest, and ask yourself, are you stressed about work, family life, and finances?

How’s your self-esteem?

To really dig into things, are you following your passion and fulfilling your purpose in life?

To boil all of those down, I’m really asking, are you happy?

Yes, you do deserve to be happy. And maybe you’ve had a few “wake up calls” lately that let you know you need to make some changes in your life. It could also be your intuition is kicking in, and you’re noticing something, like an opportunity or just seeing more than you did before. So here you are, ready to take the first step and make a positive change in your life.

You might be wondering, how do those other people step out, take a risk, and build their life to their liking? Here are some things to help you in your journey.


Cut back on clutter, distractions, and unnecessary obligations! Do you have a lot of junk laying around? You might need to clear out physical things for a mental reboot and to make way for new things to come. Ditto on distractions—do you have lots of things taking away from what you want to do?

So many of us have things weighing us down that cause stress. You might be overextending yourself with volunteering with you children’s school, sports teams, and other activities. You might have some activities of your own. Things like that are great unless we have too many.


Let Go. Let go of old hurts, even if the person isn’t sorry or won’t apologize. Just let go of all the things that are hurting you. Look forward, and focus on creating your dream life.

Let go of worrying about what others think too. It’s time to focus on you and what you need!


Evaluate your relationships. Do you have a lot of negative people in your life? That can really bring you down, especially if these people are sucking energy from you with complaining, demanding, or putting you down. Look for more positive people, maybe at the gym or in a group, that are doing things with their life.

Even better, look for people who are wanting positive change too. Are there any “mastermind” groups you can find, on Meetup or through local connections? How about a business group? There are lots of ways to find people who are moving forward and bettering themselves.


Believe in yourself. You can create the life you want, and it is possible. People do it all the time!

Seek out inspirational stories. It’s often people who are at rock bottom that let go of fear and go for their dreams. But you really don’t have to be in a place with “nothing to lose” to turn your life around. Maybe you just want to make some side income, get in better shape, travel more, change jobs, or find a partner. And if you do have huge dreams, you just take those one step at a time as well.


Make positivity a way of life. If you spend time around successful people, and make a list of common traits, you’ll notice many of them look at life with rose tinted glasses. They try to see the good, the opportunities, and the bright side of things. They don’t wallow in failure or anger.

If you expect good things, you look for them. You feel more thankful. You’re full of energy and that makes others want to be around you.

Positivity radiates off people. Others can soak it up! You can feel more positive be surrounding yourself with positive people, and you can lift others up with your mood.

The same is true for the opposite.

Have you ever been around someone that complained all the time? They hate their job and don’t like being at home either because they fight with their spouse all the time. They complain so much, and they’re so miserable, that you really think they’ll quit their job and get a divorce. But they don’t. They just keep complaining.

People with “bad luck” expect things to go wrong, so they look for ways to quit. They criticize others and themselves, and they often sabotage things with their attitude. They create a cycle of bad luck, that is really their negative thinking ruining life for them.

You can choose to be positive, learn from things that don’t work out, and always look for ways to improve.

You’ve heard of the glass half full or half empty question? Well, the real point is you can keep filling it up!


Decide what you really want. What kind of life do you imagine? Dream big, as if there weren’t any obstacles. While creating your ideal life, don’t hold back out of fear. Don’t think about if it’s possible right now.

List your passions, talents, dreams, interests, and the things you’ve always wanted to do.

You might be in the right field, but there’s something you’d rather do than your exact job. Or you might want to work less so you can devote more time to a passion/hobby. You can adjust the way you live to do that, or you might be able to make money with your passion.

Dig down and think about your purpose. It’s what you want to do—not what your parents want you to do, or what would impress people the most.


Decide to follow that passion or joy! You get one life, do you really want to spend it at a job you hate? Or in relationships that churn in cycles of negativity?

Make a real commitment. Are you willing to do what it takes to create the life you want?

Write out your goals and steps you can take to make them happen. Share your plans with others and keep yourself accountable.

Reaching your dreams might be making some life changes, learning new skills, dedicating time, relocating, and accepting the fact that you might fail at times. Just don’t quit!


Act! The best way to live the life you want and deserve is to decide what you want, plan, and take action.

Look at your goals and plans. What can you do today? Don’t overwhelm yourself trying to change everything right now. Instead, take steps.

The biggest factor in all of this is deciding you want it. Do you? Is it time to go after your dreams?

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