4 Life Changing Law of Attraction Habits

4 Life Changing Law of Attraction Habits

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4 Life Changing Law of Attraction Habits

“We become what we repeatedly do.” ― Sean Covey

Matthew hates his day job, he’s not motivated to go beyond what’s expected of him and he’s not as productive as he was before.

But the back story is before applying to the job, he made sure that this is what he wants, this is where his passion is, and he was very sure this job is the avenue to his dreams. So, what happened?

The answer lies outside his work. He had been trapped in a series of negative habits which stuck to him unconsciously.

Let’s look at Matthew’s habits. Remember, most of these—if not all—are done on autopilot so he’s not aware he’s doing them:

Matthew wakes up thinking what kind of bad luck is waiting for him that day… “I have to go to work again, what choice do I have?” he dreads his work early in the morning.

He then drives to work noticing every red light and traffic problems.

After work, he goes home to rant to his wife, further enlarging the negative sphere of his life. After dinner, he settles down with his phone and he’s on social media reading negative news.

Are you seeing a pattern here?

Like Matthew, if you find your life constantly revolving around negativity, your habits might be the culprit.

Unknowingly, you might have developed negative and unproductive habits which is sending you through a downward spiral right now.

The good thing is, there’s a way to stop all these negative habits in its tracks and attract the life you want starting NOW.

If only Matthew stopped to think about and be mindful about his habits, then tables should’ve turned.

So, before we get through the 4 life-changing habits which can help you attract the life you want, here are some mindfulness exercises to do:

• Take your mind back to yesterday. What did you do upon waking up? More importantly, what did you think about? Do you do this every day? Is this how you think every day upon waking up? How did this morning routine affect your whole day?

• Be mindful of everything you do. This might sound challenging and it takes practice but just try it for now. Ask yourself these questions from time to time: Why am I doing this? Is this positive or not? What am I getting or learning from this? What signals am I sending to the Universe right now?

• Think about how you’re feeling right NOW. Do you think that what you feel right now is caused by something you did a while ago? Or something that you did not do, which you’re supposed to?

• List your habits. This will help you a lot I promise. Writing sends better signals to the Universe because of your brain activity when you write, so I suggest you get a pen and paper. But a phone or a computer will do just fine.

o Intend that you might change some of these habits and it’s perfectly okay to let them go.

o Think about your days, what were you doing on autopilot? Be mindful of them now and list every single one which you think is sending the most power out to the Universe.

o Are these habits positive or negative? Do they support your vision, your dreams and your goals?

Now that we’re done with the exercises, and I hope you did them, let’s discuss these 4 practical habits that will help you attract and create the life you desire.

1. Meditate

I know you’ve seen this before, this is everywhere! And yes, I’m still including it because meditation is never overrated.

Meditation can help you be more mindful of your activities, and if you’re mindful, you’ll be catching yourself doing something negative and you’ll have the power to stop yourself.

In turn, mindfulness can help you build more positive habits along the way, and meditation is the best way to practice mindfulness.

The easiest way to do this if you’ve never done it before is by meditating on your breath.

First, find a comfortable position where you won’t be disturbed for 5-10 minutes.

Then close your eyes and focus on your breath. How does your breath feel? Feel the cool air entering your nostrils down your lungs and feel the warm air leaving your body.

With each exhalation, relax your body further.

Just focus on your breath. From time to time, thoughts will come up, and this is where meditation is a great mindfulness practice.

You see, even advanced meditators have their thoughts popping out of nowhere when meditating, they’re mindful of their thoughts, and they know they should not be carried away with it.

When thoughts come up, be mindful of its presence, acknowledge it, and then bring your focus back on breathing.

During 10-minute sessions, this can happen a lot for those who are just starting to practice, but the key is to just bring your focus back on your breath for as often as you need to.

And remember, it’s perfectly okay to be a beginner, everyone’s been there.

Meditation is also a great way to build discipline. You need discipline to stick to your healthy habits.

When starting meditation, it may feel like 10 minutes is way too long to just sit or lie down without doing anything but watching your breath.

But you know you should complete the whole 10 minutes and you discipline yourself to do so.

In real life—like in meditation—when negativity comes out, acknowledge it, be mindful of its presence, then let it go and bring back your focus on positivity.

Doing this as often as possible in a day will raise your energy and vibrations, and higher vibrations will bring more of what you want, faster.

10 minutes per day is enough. The important thing is to do it every day, constantly. Before sleeping or after waking up.

Simply set a timer, and then go through the journey of finding peace within yourself through your breath.

There are also some apps to help you learn this, apps like Insight Timer, Headspace or Calm. Explore your options, it’s for your own growth and learning.

Lastly, meditation will open doors to do the rest of the habits listed here.

2. Visualize

For your mind to send out clearer signals to the Universe, visualization should come from a clearer mind.
And the best way to visualize is right after your meditation. After your 5-10 minutes meditation, keep your eyes closed, and if you can still focus on your breath, do so.

This time, think about the things you want in life, see your dream house, dream car, see yourself working on your dream job, see your family in harmony and happiness, feel the bliss.

Universe receives signals which are emotionally charged. And when you visualize right after meditation, I guarantee you that you will feel how good it feels to see your dream life unfolding before you—in a much clearer and heartfelt way.

Again, there are apps to help you with this. Just look around meditation apps and some of them offer some guided visualization sessions.

Using an app is up to you, this is your journey, if you think doing it yourself will help you better, then do it yourself.

You are in self-help anyway.

3. Affirm

I’d like to repeat once again that the Universe responds better to clearer minds.

I don’t think it ever gets wrong to meditate so frequently in a single day if you have the time to do it. So, I recommend you take another 5 to 10 minutes to do your breathing exercises again, and then do your affirmations.

Here are some examples:

• I am doing my best to make myself grow and be better every day.

• I am my best self and I am just getting even better.

• I am accepting, and I am at peace with everything that is happening.

• I am joyful, happy, courageous and blissful.

A template:

• I am ________ (something you would like yourself to be).

You know how “I am” opens the door to an extraordinary life so it’s better to start your affirmations with “I am”.

When writing or reciting your affirmations, keep in mind it should be in the present tense, it should be positive, and it should be felt.

That’s why taking the time to relax and settle yourself down will help you open your heart to feel your affirmations.

PRO TIP: Record your affirmations and play them during your sessions. Hearing yourself will make it more powerful. Also, why not recite it together with your recording? The most important thing when doing your affirmations is feeling it.

4. Intend

Matthew used the power of intention and he’d been intending that his day will turn out bad and to no one’s surprise, it’s been turning bad.

Be sure to use intention for your own good.

Intentions are powerful and will keep you grounded every single day.

State your intentions after waking up. Meditate on them. Intend that your day will be great, intend that you will be more forgiving, accepting and at peace today. Feel it and make it your mantra for the day.

If you do this in the morning, your brain will keep on reminding you of your intentions during the day, especially during the times when you’re losing ground.

A day beginning with intentions will most likely run the way you intended it to be, so why not begin every day with intentions?

How about begin every significant thing you do with intentions?

Before meditating, intend that the meditation will help you release stress and help you focus on the better. Intend that it will help you become grounded for the rest of the day.

Or if you’re meditating at night, intend that the meditation will help you sleep that night.

Before doing your affirmations, intend that you will feel every word, every “I am” and intend that every affirmation will be emotionally charged.

Intentions are powerful, no matter what happens during your day, if you intended it to be the way you want it to be, the Universe will provide you with ways to make your intentions happen.

Even during stressful times, if you just keep yourself grounded (with the help of meditation and intention), you can hear the Universe’s guidance and it will see to it that your intentions will come true.

Remember, every single one of these habits will help you create the life you want, only if you create these habits for yourself.

Do them every single day, constantly, set a reminder, set an alarm. Help yourself to remember that you’re creating a better life and a better self.

Take a step every single day, and it will be worth it.

Sometimes, it feels like your efforts are just a drop in the bucket. You feel demotivated and demoralized by the difficulty of your situation.

But I promise you that if you put in the work today – and do it as consistently as you can…

…the sum of your actions will have an exponential effect that RIPPLE into your life.

I used to beat myself up for not being the happy, successful person I thought I should be. I didn’t realize at the time that I was getting in my own way because of an unhealthy, unproductive MINDSET.

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Love and kind wishes,

Heather Mathews

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