Bucket List Ideas: 50 Things To Do Before You Die

Bucket List

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Bucket List Ideas: 50 Things To Do Before You Die

Have you ever created a bucket list before? It might not be something you think about too much, but it’s always a good idea to have a list of things you want to do before you go to the great beyond.

Putting it down in writing will motivate you to tick those things off your list and feel accomplished when doing so.

More importantly, having a list keeps your goals alive in your thoughts and push you into taking action. That way, you won’t “get around to it someday” and eventually forget about it.

Maybe you’re a fan of traveling, doing something that scares you, or simply want to try out some new things.

Either way, we definitely suggest creating a list of all the exciting things you want to accomplish before kicking the bucket.

We’ve put together some ideas which you can use as inspiration your own bucket list. Be sure to leave a comment below and share your own bucket list with us!

Here is our list of 50 things to do before you die:

1. Travel to every continent

2. Run a marathon

3. Bungee jump/skydive

4. See the Northern Lights

5. Learn a new language

6. Go on a safari trip

7. Learn to play an instrument

8. See your favorite band live

9. Climb a mountain

10. Bury a time capsule for someone to find in years to come

11. Take part in volunteer work

12. Have a star named after you

13. Book a spontaneous holiday

14. Go backpacking

15. Go to a drive-in movie theatre

16. Volunteer for a children’s hospital

17. Go on a cruise

18. See the Olympics live

19. Adopt a shelter or rescued pet (or help one find a home by volunteering at a local center)

20. See the Great Wall Of China

21. Float in the Dead Sea

22. Fly a plane

23. Buy a property abroad

24. Stay at a haunted house

25. Design and build your own house

26. Sleep on an overnight train

27. Go to a wine tasting class

28. Take part in an extreme sport

29. Give blood

30. Watch both the sunset and sunrise in one day

31. Fly in first class

32. Go on a submarine

33. Try a new food

34. Write to a pen pal

35. Dye your hair a daring color

36. Write a book

37. Take part in an audience for a TV show

38. Swim with pigs in the Bahamas

39. Go to a festival

40. Drive on route 66

41. Watch a Broadway musical

42. Try to meet a celebrity

43. Sing in front of an audience

44. Have a mud bath

45. Ride in a hot air balloon

46. Scuba dive in the Great Barrier Reef

47. Go on a helicopter ride

48. Visit the Grand Canyon

49. Cook using new recipes

50. Experience zero gravity

What would you put on your bucket list? Comment below your ideas now!

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