3 Reasons Why The Law Of Attraction May Not Be Working For You

3 Reasons Why The Law of Attraction May Not Be Working For You

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3 Reasons Why The Law Of Attraction May Not Be Working For You

Not everybody is living the life they want today. Some people dream of that ‘someday’ when all of their aspirations are within reach.

There are days when optimists run out of steam to keep their positivity afloat because they too get tired of waiting around, seeing others manifest dreams, manifest wealth, love, health, and attracting all sorts of good vibes around them.

You ask yourself, why isn’t it happening for me?

What am I doing wrong?

How come I never get my break?

When will it be my turn?

The truth is, every minute is a chance for you to make it your turn. You are in charge of shaping your life, your destiny.

It isn’t something that appears out of nowhere.

You have to think it to make it happen, to make it come true, to manifest the life that you want.

Your number one hurdle in getting the Law of Attraction to work is yourself.

Here are 3 ways you might be preventing the application of the Law of Attraction in your life


Whether consciously or unconsciously, you may be putting a lot of boundaries around you.

These boundaries could be in the form of negative thoughts, negative people, making excuses, and the like.

When bad things happen, like if plans fall through, do you take responsibility for what happened? Or do you pass on the blame to the next guy?

Successful people always know the part they play in whatever happens around them, be it good or bad.
They work to eradicate the things that hinder them from advancing the next time around.

You should do the same. Be active in spotting which hurdles stop you from moving forward. Don’t let insecurities, fears, or other people stop you from wanting more for yourself.

If you want something, go and get it. If you fail, it’s not a step backward. It’s still a step going towards your goal.


Another hindrance to manifesting your dreams is hesitation. Your fear of failure is not helping you move forward with your plans or even to think about what could go right.

Your fear can paralyze you and prevent you from thinking positive thoughts.

You need to be comfortable with the idea that you will fail. It is inevitable.

Like they say, it is what you do after you fall that matters. If you are always scared about falling down,
you will never have anything to stand up from.

It is your failures that will strengthen your resolve, teach you what you need to know, and how you need to approach your goals the next time around.

Failures build the character you need to manifest your dreams.

Don’t fake contentment in your life because you’re afraid to want more, to go get that for yourself. Dream big and it will come.


When the mistakes happen, it’s normal to feel bad about it. But there’s a fine line between feeling defeated and being defeated.

The only way you can be truly defeated is if you stop trying.

Don’t dwell on your mistakes! Remember that it’s okay to make them. Don’t wallow in your non-success and get stuck.

Don’t beat yourself up over it either. You are NOT perfect. Nobody expects you to be, so why should you?
Even the greats have a few mishaps along the way.

What you need to do is to keep learning and applying yourself to the next ones.

Be constructive instead of destructive.

Know how to channel your anger and frustrations towards the good. Psych yourself up on how the next time could be the one that works instead of being a doomsday thinker.

This is how you apply the Law of Attraction successfully.

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